A Great Showing at the 2017 Stroll for Epilepsy

Team Green Well made a strong showing at the 2017 Stroll for Epilepsy, and we ended up being one of the Top 3 fundraising teams. Part of that is thanks to Ricky Williams being a part of the team, rallying the crowd before the stroll, and leading a yoga class after the Stroll. Thanks to everyone who donated and/or joined us in supporting the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas.

The biggest highlight for all of us was the more than 150 people who signed up for the Green Well Citizens, with more than 60 of those being patients who qualify for the Compassionate Use Program. Sharing information on CBD and the benefits it can offer to epileptic patients in Texas is what Green Well is all about, and we’re glad to do it at the Stroll.

In total, Team Green Well raised almost $5,000! Our team, friends, and family showed up to represent, and we were excited to meet all the great folks that stopped by our tent.

Green Well is excited to support the Foundation and looks forward to more events with them in the future.

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